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Dit plan kreeg minder dan 25 likes en is daarom niet geselecteerd voor de stemfase van Statenkwartier Begroot.

Indoor creative center for kids

Door: Geanonimiseerd
September 25, 2019
Gemeente Den Haag | 15 nov. 2019, 09:00

Dit plan kreeg minder dan 25 likes. Er zijn in totaal 8 plannen ingediend die minder dan 25 likes kregen. Een plan moest minimaal 25 likes halen om in aanmerking te komen voor de haalbaarheidscheck door de gemeente. Dit plan is daarom ook niet geselecteerd voor de stemfase.

Indoor creative place for younger kids, up to 10 years old, ideal for cold and rainy days.

I believe that our municipality needs a creative center for younger kids (up to 10 years of age). 

I know number of mothers whose children don’t go in the kindergarten every day (me included). There are also number of children that would like to play after school. So when the weather is nice you can take them to the playground or park (there are number of options). But when the weather is bad, our choices are really limited. Creating one municipality creative center where kids can come and play for free, would be ideal for the winter period. An indoor space with small library, toys, maybe few musical instruments, board games where kids can enjoy and mingle and where parents will also have an opportunity to meet and chat is in my opinion what is needed. It is a great opportunity for people and kids from the area to connect, and it is also offering opportunity for the kids to have some fun during the cold or rainy days, instead of staying in the house all day long. 


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